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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to download my FAQ – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.  There have been lots of great questions throughout my campaign.  I have compiled many of them here to produce a list of Frequently Asked Questions  & Responses.  These questions come from a number of sources, in particular from my talks and from questionnaires sent by organizations considering endorsements.  Do you have another question, please send it to me at and I’ll add it to the list.  

My Presentations on Water & Related Topics

I speak frequently on water management, growth and community planning issues throughout the west. I have also taught several courses on western water policy at Arizona State University. Below are links to a few of my presentations.  I also posted numerous videos during my 2014 campaign for the Arizona Corporation Commission, including 5 videos focused on water issues included in a playlist, you can view these from my YouTube channel. 

* Sunday Square Off Annual Water Discussion with Brahm Resnik.  I participated in the panel discussion for the Channel 12 Sunday Square off show on November 29, 2015 and the show was rebroadcast on January 3, 2016.  The link below includes an introductory segment with the Director of Arizona's Department of Water Resources and then three segments with my panel.  Click here to view the show  (note this link may be broken, I have requested a correct link from Sunday Square Off)


* During my 2014 campaign for the Arizona Corporation Commission I spoke during a candidates panel to the Water Utilities Association of Arizona (the organization of Arizona's private water companies).  This youtube video includes an overview from the Associations President of water infrastructure challenges and then my presentation of my background and perspective on how we should approach water management and politics.  Click here to watch the video.  You can also check out many other youtube videos from my 2014 campaign.


* Participation in an interesting debate about planning for the future of our
region on the August 31, 2009 edition of Chanel 8’s Horizon
Click here to view the show


* Talk for the RainBird Intelligent Use of Water Summit IX at Arizona State
University in September 2008. This segment covered the portion of my talk
on some political challenges to water sustainability in Arizona.
Click here for video



My Writings On Water & Related Topics

I have written a number of essays, articles and book chapters on water resources and related issues about planning for the future of Arizona. A few are copied below.

* February 2008 Arizona Republic Op-Ed on Investing in Water Management.
Click here for Republic Op-Ed

* January 2010 Southwest Hydrology article on Principles for Managing the
Southest's Urban Water.
Click here for SW Hydrolgy Article

* For a complete list of my writings  ... click here


Media Coverage & Endorsements

* 10/30/16  Arizona Republic Endorses HOLWAY, ARBOLEDA, GRAFF

Best Candidates for CAP Board -- A thoughtful endorsement by Republic’s editorial staff

Click here if you prefer a pdf of the actual article, pictures and all


Previous Endorsements

* 9/28/10 Arizona Republic Endorses Holway.
Long Term Vision On Water Needed -- I agree with their recommendations
click here if you prefer a pdf of the actual article, pictures and all

* 10/21/10 Peoria Times Op-Ed by George Renner & Grady Gammage (previous
CAWCD Board Presidents).
Don't Forget Important Vote for Central Arizona Water Conservation
District Board Members

* 9/30/2014  Arizona Republic Endorses Holway for Arizona Corporation Commission. 

Split Your Ticket for Corporation Commission --  The Republic pointed out that I was one of the most qualified candidates ever to seek a seat on the Commission.


Campaign Materials

Holway For CAP Handout - with information on my background and the CAP.  You can download this to share.

Arizona Republic Endorsement - The newspaper endorsement for use as a handout.

Three Candidate Handout Card - Another handout with information on the campaign. 


Further Information

For information on the Central Arizona Project, click here to visit the CAP Website

For recent studies on drought and the potential impacts of climate change on the Colorado River, click here to view the US Bureau of Reclamations Colorado Basin Study