About Central Arizona Project

What is CAWCD?

The Central Arizona Water Conservation District operates the Central Arizona Project (CAP), bringing Colorado River water 336 miles across the desert from Lake Havasu through Phoenix to south of Tucson.  CAWCD operates the canal system and the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District.  In addition, the Navajo Generating Station was built as part of the project and the power required to deliver CAP water makes CAWCD the largest user of electricity in the State of Arizona.

The CAWCD Board is comprised of 15 unpaid members from Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties serving staggered 6 year terms.  Maricopa County voters will elect 5 Board members on November 8th.


Key issues facing the CAWCD Board include:

Ensuring reliable water supplies at an affordable cost

Preparing for drought and potential climate change impacts

Securing new water supplies to sustain Central Arizona

Acquiring reliable, diversified and clean energy to power the CAP canal

Maintaining healthy ecosystems and water quality in the Colorado River

Representing Arizona in multi-state and international negotiations

Setting water rates and the property tax that supports CAP


Additional information about CAP is available at:  www.cap-az.com or click here.